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Sciences and Research & Development

RR SOLUTIONS, INC, has become a fast and active provider of services to the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical industry. Backed by our experience and expertise, we provide validation, spec tolerance testing, protocol compliance testing and root-cause analysis development and quality control services for formulation laboratories and research clientele. In addition to offering services on-demand, we also offer SPEC and oSPEC conformance testing, method development, post production testing and regulatory compliance testing services, through an on-site team of highly resourceful scientists, chemists and microbiologists. We also provide supplemental on-call services to address the immediate nature of production issues during the initial phases of product production cycles.

Managed Services Programs

RR Solutions interacts and involves deeply with your research programs

  • Product development cycles
  • Production and post-production programs
  • It provides solutions in composition development, stabilization, formulation.

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