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Information Technology & IT Enabled Services

RR SOLUTIONS, INC, is a fast growing provider of IT Services and Solutions, and can be a valuable resource for businesses looking for enterprise solutions development and deployment, programmers and application developers, professional and consulting services in a variety of industry environments.Our development center is home to a brilliant environment, that thrives on innovation and great corporate culture. Join our team as we revolutionize the way people engage with ideas and information. We can design, manage, document and execute a wide range of infrastructure projects, project management, training, implementation and custom developments.

Opportunities and Challenges:

The changing economic and business conditions, rapid technological innovation, proliferation of the internet and globalization are creating an increasingly competitive environment. The role of technology has evolved from supporting corporations to transforming them.

  • Ability to create and maintain a truly world class proven global delivery model which would allow your organization to provide services to customers on a best shore basis.
  • Develop and expand a strong, comprehensive, best in class end to end solutions and service offerings in order help your clients gain market differentiation.
  • Ability to scale when the opportunity arises. This would require constant investment in infrastructure and rapidly recruit, train and deploy new professionals.
  • Manage exchange rate volatility and counter party risk in treasury operations.

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